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Spotting the Signs

On many occasions, there are lots of pre-warnings to a disastrous blocked drainage system. The biggest give away is the build-up of a bad, dense smell in or around your property. This is the first sign, and your first chance to act before things get worse. We offer competitive call-out rates which means it's always wise to give us a call as soon as you smell something odd.
Other less obvious signs can be slow-to-drain water, and random noises. These are all clues which can mean the health of your drains may need a check-up by WOW Solutions.

We're Flexible

Unlike blocked drains, we can be very flexible and work around you. We offer all our customers extensive working hours to fit around your lifestyle. Have guests coming over and need your drains flowing freely? Give WOW Solutions a call today and we'll service your drains to ensure they behave.
Have a house full? No problem at all. All our service people are fully experienced in order to be health & safety compliant, meaning we'll conveniently and professionally attend your property and resolve all your drainage issues.

Maintenance & Care

We can't state how important it is to keep your drains in good health. As explained above, if your drains start showing any signs of smelling or slowing down the sooner you call WOW Solutions to come and inspect your drains the better - as ultimately it could deter the event of a sewerage spill which will infect the health and hygiene of the surrounding area. If in doubt, call WOW Solutions at any time.

Why Choose WOW Solutions?

We are incredibly proud of the quality of our established drains & cleaning services. Feel free to explore all our services across our website, and give us a call to request our modern & professional leaflet which explains all our services and contact details and can be attached to your fridge or stored in your "emergency drawer".

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